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A micro-podcast about design and technology with Gabriel Valdivia and Charlie Deets.

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    Touch Bar

    Surprise! Gabe and Charlie hold opposing opinions about the Touch Bar.

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    Origami Deep Dive

    Charlie asks Gabe some noob questions about prototyping in Origami.

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    You just shipped a product, now what?

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    Designer portfolios

    You have a website with your name on it. Should you actually take the time to put a portfolio there?

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    Unsolicited redesigns

    You have the itch to redesign something unsolicited, should you scratch it?

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    Working with Product Managers

    We talk about working with PMs as product designers, the overlap in the roles and how to get your way.

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    In the middle of a rainy field we discuss our love of drones.

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    Our favorite apps

    Gabe and Charlie share their three current favorite apps and discuss.

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    Working with engineers

    Gabe and Charlie share stories and advice for working well with engineers to build products.

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    Working for free

    Sometimes you get the opportunity to work for free. Is it a good deal? Isn’t it? We discuss the subtleties of selling yourself short.

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    What comes after apps?

    We discuss what we think might happen when apps are not the primary way you interface with technology.

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    2017 Predictions

    In our first episode we chat about predictions for 2017.

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